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Reviews Management

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In today’s digital world, individuals can go online, search for a company and read everything they need to know through customer or consumer reviews and company ratings to make an informed purchasing decision. Make sure your reviews are top-notch by using an experienced reputation management company such as ONYXMEDIA Group.

At ONYXMEDIA, we provide you with the resources and assistance you need to receive positive reviews for your business while proactively preventing negative reviews from dominating your online visibility.
ONYXMEDIA offers online reputation management services that will increase your online presence, convert potential visitors to your website into paying customers and build customer loyalty.

Negative customer reviews

While you may not be able to get rid of bad reviews, there are other ways to make sure they are less apparent. By improving the positive reviews and the SEO of your site, you will potentially be able to bury the negative reviews among the positive ones.

Negative reviews are inevitable, but what really matters is how you react. Our online reputation management company constantly monitors your customer reviews. The monitoring we provide your company will make all the difference to your online reputation and ultimately your online success.

Whether you have a bad online reputation or want to maintain your reputation, ONYXMEDIA has the solution.

Customer Review Sites

Our brand reputation management team works diligently to optimise your online reputation. We constantly monitor rating sites such as Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Tripadvisor and others.

If you have a company profile, we optimize it to increase your brand visibility, highlighting positive reviews that add value to your business. Remember: by differentiating your business from others through the Internet, you will optimise your conversion rates, quickly turning consumers into loyal customers. And the more customer reviews you get, the better your brand awareness will be.

Throughout the process, ONYXMEDIA continues to adjust your strategy as needed, monitoring consumer review sites to maximize your brand’s visibility.

Reputation management: a 36O° service
You only get one chance to make a lasting first impression. When people think of your company, what do they think of? When consumers search for your business online on sites like Google, what is your impact? All it takes is one negative comment, article or statement about your business to lose a customer forever.

At ONYXMEDIA, our team ensures the quality of your company’s online visibility. Our company understands the importance of standing out from the competition by establishing a positive online presence.

  • Actions taken by ONYXMEDIA
  • Optimisation/correction of customer profiles
  • Multi-site monitoring
  • Identification of opportunities for positive feedback
  • Constant adaptation of strategies
  • Promotion of positive opinions
  • Increase conversion rates by building a positive online reputation
  • Customer loyalty through reputation management
  • Responding to consumer opinion

A large part of maintaining an excellent online reputation is actively communicating with customers and responding to both negative and positive feedback. We understand the importance of responding to positive feedback and thanking customers for their time.

For negative reviews, ONYXMEDIA Group works with your company to create responses that we believe are consistent with your brand values. We respond promptly, positively and objectively. No matter what type of review you receive, we make sure we respond with genuine and sincere answers. At the same time, ONYXMEDIA’s online reputation experts analyse the content of consumer reviews that can be deleted.

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