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Why protect your online reputation ?

An e-reputation protection allows a company or an individual to maintain its reputation. In other words, your reputation will not be tarnished if articles, comments or negative opinions appear about you. Be careful, not to be confused with e-reputation monitoring (here, the aim is to monitor the content that stands out under a given keyword) or e-reputation cleaning (here, the aim is to clean up your e-reputation when one or more negative contents have already appeared).

Bad buzz, powerful crises

What is a bad buzz? It is negative word-of-mouth. It is mainly talked about for crises on the Internet. Nowadays, it is often talked about for advertising campaigns that do not work as the brand would have liked.

According to the MMC Bad Buzz Barometer, in 2016, 25% of bad buzz had an impact on companies. Decline in turnover, product returns, or celebrities ending their collaboration following an e-reputation crisis. For example, The Weeknd and H&M in 2018: following accusations of racism towards the brand, the singer had simply ceased to be the face of the Swedish brand.

Conversely, the deputy general manager of the group AccorHotels explained that an extra point on TripAdvisor represented « 10% more room prices for a hotel ». Which can represent a lot of money. Hence the importance of monitoring, protecting and improving your digital reputation.

Protection to cope with the speed of the web

In the digital age, everything moves extremely fast. The e-reputation is something extremely fragile: the slightest bad buzz can appear in a few hours and ruin your digital presence. E-reputation protection helps prevent this problem.

By working on your e-reputation as a preventive measure, it will be much easier for a company or private individual not to be overtaken. How can this be done? If a negative link appears on Google, it will be much harder for it to dethrone all the positive content already implanted under your name. In fact, ONYXMEDIA reinforces the first 10 Google results in order to anchor them in their position. This way, they will be better protected against new content.

ONYXMEDIA helps protect your e-reputation

The e-reputation agency supports you in this mission of protection and prevention. If you are a company, your e-reputation ensures your credibility and brand image online. If you are a private individual or a public figure, e-reputation protection perpetuates a positive and controlled digital reputation.

ONYXMEDIA also has expertise in visibility strategy development; whether it be for websites, social networks, blogs…

All this will enable us to react extremely quickly if necessary. If your company experiences a negative item, our experts will be as responsive as possible. The e-reputation protection set up upstream will enable them to carry out a faster, more effective and more lasting cleaning.

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